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We are a family business and have been making glass jewellery since 2015.


We cut and layer sheets of glass and then fuse them in our kiln. One of our favourite types of glass to work with is dichroic glass. 


Dichroic glass is glass with a microfilm of metal oxide on it. 

A double dichroic pendant is made by cutting a coloured dichroic sheet to size. We then cut a clear piece of dichroic glass to exactly the same size and place it on top of the first piece.


A clear piece of capping glass must then be cut precisely so it envelopes the two sheets below when it melts.

The three layers are then fused in our kiln and then mounted on a bail.

Single dichroic pendants have a coloured second layer rather than a clear dichroic second layer.


A mosaic pendant is made by creating a slab of shards of dichroic glass using the same layering technique.


The slab is then cut and ground into the desired shape and the sharp edges are then smoothed with a fire polish in the kiln. We then mount the final piece onto a bail.


Sand pendants are made by arranging ground glass and grains of sand on a sheet of backing glass which is then covered with a layer of clear capping glass.


This creates a slab that we then cut and grind into shape before fire polishing it and attaching a bail. 


Modern dichroic glass was developed by NASA and its contractors for use in filters.


Our sheets of dichroic glass come from America where they are made by vaporising metals like gold, silver, titanium and magnesium with an electron beam in a vacuum.


The vapours then crystallise onto the glass in ultra-thin layers and patterns are then etched into the microfilm using lasers.

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